Edsson has extensive consulting experience along the entire value chain of the telecommunications industry, especially in the area of holistic supply chain optimization from the process and system perspective.

Areas of our expertise include requirements planning for network parts and end devices, supplier integration and management, the development of optimal distribution networks, and the optimization of spare parts management. For purchasing, we also carried out projects to increase efficiency in operational purchasing and support our clients in redefining the processes and systems in strategic purchasing.

Successful Transformation

Our Operations Managers and IT Project Managers clearly define and review goals and objectives to ensure feasibility and compatibility with overarching business targets and further transformation plans. In addition, we provide concrete roadmaps for the projects to be implemented and action plans.


  • We help to set up the organizational concepts for sales, delivery and customer services. From the early identification of business opportunities to the first billing to the customer.
  • Our process experts provide clients with agile process management systems that let you adapt your processes dynamically and guarantee an optimal balance between process optimization and process flexibility
  • Status and requirements: coordination of critical success factor and requirements
  • Conceptualization of the target vision: definition of an operational framework for goals, performance, architecture, organization, processes, tools, and control.
  • Implementation: Realization of the target concept in the enterprise and organization, coordination and support for different business process aspects.
  • Project-related and operation-related progress and success checks.

Service plans

We offer a selection of services & plans, to meet our client’s goals. We will launch your product to the highest level!


  • - Consultancy
  • - Management
  • - Full Time Equivalent
  • - Add-on Services
  • - Launch & Production Support
  • - Digital Marketing

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