Edsson is a Technical Accelerator

We are helping clients worldwide improve their high-end software development to achieve minimum time-to-market.

Technical accelerator

Technical accelerator is a new generation of providers focused on delivering professional software development services with rich technical expertise and knowledge from the industry’s best practices in software development.
Technical Accelerator participates in the key processes of the client’s product development and concentrates on its acceleration. Unlike outsourcing, where the main goal is to cut costs by re-locating secondary business and software development processes or activities to external companies.
The technical accelerator provides necessary services to the clients. Unlike outstaffing where the provider delegates software development resources without involvement in the business processes of the client’s company. Technical Accelerator helps bringing client’s ideas into life faster.

Acceleration approach

Our A+ experts collaborate with our clients in a team extension model, in accordance with our customer intimacy policy to strengthen technology stack, processes, and capacity in the client’s companies. We help increase quality & dynamics of the overall development process.
Boost your development speed & quality. Make your project profitable using a scheduled and calculated plan for various project phases.
A+ Experts
A+ Experts
We select only the best talent! By creating team combinations, Edsson helps to accelerate software development, that brings the most daring results for our clients.
Customer Intimacy
Customer Intimacy
We are focused on meeting our client’s needs and establishing long-term cooperation. Our goal is to sustain the most effective collaboration. We are your strategic partners.

Acceleration Methods

Acceleration works perfectly for the clients

Deep knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and access to a wide pool of resources ensure that at Edsson we provide specialized services for our clients. Edsson helps accelerate software development for specific vertical and horizontal needs with proven success.

At Edsson we understand that startups operate in a highly uncertain environment with limited resources. We have the necessary expertise to assemble the right team and help foster a productive working environment for a successful product launch.


Managing and maintaining a variety of products may be challenging. At Edsson we aim at developing fully functional products that yield the best results in the shortest time frame. We are also ready to assist our clients with any kind of issues that arise in the existing product.

IT Departments

We are guiding our clients through all stages of software development and maintenance. Using a thorough planning process, our team helps to create effective IT strategy solutions, selecting the right technology tools for your business and industry objectives.

Business verticals

Our clients

We call these companies our partners. Well-known brands trust Edsson.


What our clients are saying.

Edsson translated our need for technology change into a business change. Instead of rebuilding our software directly on another platform, Edsson advised us to build a web portal which, in the end, also replaced all functionality of our existing applications. Our customers and TransTrack itself were able to profit directly from this plan.

Ronald Van Vliet
Managing Director
Transtrack International

We were facing a difficult task - to develop the world's best solution for managing golf clubs and courses in a SaaS architecture. We had a small budget and lots of ideas. We chose Edsson in Ukraine to be able to communicate with the team in real time on occasion. The end result surpassed our expectations - they are very smart guys who understand everything on the fly.

Joris Welten
Owner of Online Sport Systems

Edsson has worked with Online Sports Systems for over 2 years. I have always been able to count on Edsson to provide me with the appropriate level of professional PHP development for the right price. We could count on them to fill in the gaps that we needed thanks to their professional experience. I can recommend working with Edsson in many different ways and am glad to share my experience with potential Edsson customers.

Menno Liebregts
Owner of Online Golf Systems