Apple, Microsoft and Google announce a single password-free authorization.


Tech Giants have announced  the next step towards a "password-free future"

On May 5, 2022, World Password Day, Apple, Microsoft and Google announced that within a year they will implement a single password free authorization standard on their platforms, including websites. 

Companies' platforms will begin to support the passwordless online authentication protocol developed by the FIDO alliance of technology companies and the World Wide Web Consortium. 

Users will be able to select their smartphone as the primary authentication device. After that, they will be able to enter applications, websites and other digital services by biometric scanning or entering the PIN code of a mobile device. 

The security of this authentication process will be provided by a unique cryptographic passkey token that is transferred between the smartphone and the website. Such encryption keys will be asymmetric. This means that if attackers gain access to one part of the token as a result of a site hack, there will be no threat to users. 

The main idea of the FIDO consortium is to make the authorization process dependent on the physical device. Due to this, not only the security of entering sites will increase, but also convenience. 

Passwordless authentication will prevent hackers from guessing the passwords of potential victims or using stolen security combinations as a result of phishing attacks. In general, it will become much more difficult for attackers to remotely hack into network users. 

Apple, Microsoft and Google said that the passkey token will be easy to transfer to another device, including from the "cloud" in case of loss of a smartphone. 

Passwordless authorization will be available in Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, as well as Chrome and Safari browsers before the end of 2023.