Edsson Tech Accelerator

Edsson turns out to be a Netherlands-based company. For a decade, it has been successfully building professional teams for clients worldwide. The company creates dedicated teams in a variety of industries, ranging from IoT and machine learning to Al and cloud computing.

These days in many parts of the world it’s possible to find areas with a relatively low labor cost but such workforce can be fairly competitive considering its high educational level. The company provides top-notch software outsourcing services built around the most competent specialists from the most cost-effective regions of the world.

Edsson’s model of high-end outsourcing offers businesses great advantages of flexible and fast access to the most skilled workforce unavailable in clients’ countries. Such an agile model undoubtedly meets the requirements of the post-industrial world.

Radical changes in the software industry

Today the software industry is rapidly developing, changing the world we live in for the better. Cutting-edge solutions of the IT industry are gradually shaping a society where knowledge is the main asset that makes people competitive. However, not to lose a high pace of the software industry at the beginning of the 2020s, new approaches and new hi-end technologies are required. A unique platform from Edsson can be that answer. To understand the urgent necessity of this solution, one needs to realize how the software industry has changed for the last time.

No to so long ago, most software products created by different developers were pure business process automation, made up of fairly simple algorithms to process data and direct it to servers, forms to take data from users, and UI. Now software solutions are heavily dependent on mathematics and require complex algorithms and a great deal of specialized knowledge to keep this complicated stuff working. At the same time, very complex inside, modern software products should be extremely user-friendly and be accessible on multiple platforms. All of this greatly contributes to the overall complexity of software development.

Market changes

Today’s market is overwhelmed with companies providing development, consulting, implementation as well as planning services. It’s fairly good on one hand but one can also observe a definite stagnation due to the lack of a clear development approach and focus on actions. Entering a new decade, software developers are expected to pursue a more agile development and marketing policy. Moreover, they should be ready to quickly use a variety of resources when working on their software solutions.

Today’s software industry: challenges

The biggest problem of any modern software project is that it’s bound to integrate a large number of technologies. Gone those times when software developers relied on just several technologies to create a finished product. A modern software solution can be based on many technologies from this list:

A modern software solution:
Big Data​

Moreover, these days software developers don’t have enough time to market. To be exact, one needs to get down to active marketing already at the investment stage. It requires a huge effort of ad experts.

Those developers who manage to quickly build up effective dedicated teams, implement an effective market strategy and are ready for continuous delivery of the finished product are bound to gain success.

Edsson Technical Accelerator:

Developing competitive products at light speed

Edsson Technical Accelerator:

Developing competitive products at light speed

Edsson offers a cutting-edge platform that will enable many software developers to drastically boost their creative process to stay competitive in the new decade. The platform can potentially become the future of software development in the long term. The very essence of the solution is to provide developers with dedicated teams of A+ specialists and access to all the necessary resources.

The platform ensures the following advantages:
A rich choice of on-demand experts: Modern software development requires only the most competent experts with solid knowledge of algorithms and maths. The platform provides access specializing in big data, UI/UX, DevOps, AI/ML, etc. Such a vast array of skilled experts in dedicated teams will enable clients of the company to stay competitive in the rapidly changing software industry.
Direct access to the required resources: Newly-built highly agile dedicated teams of experts will be able to access any resources they need without clearing it with mid-level management.
On-demand services: The platform enables clients to improve their creative process by taking advantage of AI development, recognition development, predictive analytics development, application management, data science, and big data.