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Today Edsson need to deliver a reliable and high-quality mobile experience to protect increasingly important mobile device revenue streams and customer interaction – no matter how demanding.

We need to deliver fast, real-time access to the information our customers want and that requires extreme data management. We want to give our consumers an easy-to-navigate app that delivers a suite of key functionalities and mobile services through an intuitive, engaging user interface that delivers the right data. The best app – is the fastest app. While content is important people are impatient. Delays only encourage a user to close the app, and not return.

We need the ability to rapidly scale if users suddenly increase, to make sure that we can offer up-to-date, relevant data.

When developing app we keep in mind that Internet connections can be unreliable and disconnections and reconnection can occur without warning. Sending the data that matters (typically only the data that has changed) becomes critical to successful user experience.

Our apps should be open to all platforms. To avoid expensive development projects per app, our developers should have an environment that enables them to write once and deploy anywhere, whether it’s for the browser, a hybrid mobile application or native applications for iOS, Android or Windows phones or tablets.

Diffusion platform from Push Technology allows our developers:

  • Quickly build and deploy multi-platform mobile applications
  • Create an app that interacts in real-time
  • Optimize the mobile experience to build loyalty
  • Leverage analytics to turn information into insights
  • Extend the enterprise to mobile through application integration
  • Deliver excellent consistency of service
  • Support BYOD and smarter workforce
  • Oversee security, risk, and compliance
  • Cope with real-time events
  • Seamlessly connect rich mobile apps to enterprise data and services
  • Deliver superior quality of service at scale handing network back pressure.

With Diffusion MAP, our developers can easily build and deploy high-performance multi-platform mobile applications that can scale across devices and platforms, interact in real-time and manage and optimize mobile devices, data, and costs.

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Edsson uses communication platform Diffusion from Push Technology, which helps to reduce infrastructure requirements while delivering high performance and scalable services to any internet connected device.

About partnership

Building mobile applications with Diffusion platform from Push Technology, Edsson solves the complexity around data distribution by optimizing application data to offer our clients intelligent delivery of real-time to any device regardless of connectivity or location.

About the company

Founded in 2006, Push Technology is a leading provider of data distribution solutions enabling the organization to deliver efficient, high performance, conversational, web and mobile applications. Push Technology solves data distributions problems for all organizations such as e-gaming, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, media and broadcast, and transportation sector. Push technology helps their customer create Push Data Network to stream data between tens of thousands-even-million if devices.

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