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Do you still use paper documents in your work and need information from those documents in digital representation? Do you have large paper documentation with the same documents each day? Do you have a huge paper archive that needs to have digital representation?  

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Our regular customers include large and medium-sized enterprises. The work of many companies depend on our services every day.

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Edsson provides adjustable solution for document recognition. On our client’s demand, we created flow recognition tool based on Nuance Omnipage engine:

  • Tool is adjustable and scalable solution, can be configured for your business demand;
  • Allows to organize recognition process as a tree;
  • Allows to create set of embedded pre-defined templates for recognition;
  • Allows to set different types of recognition processes based on documents you have;
  • Have set of recognition blocks for different types of data on the page;
  • Allows to set recognition process as flow, you need just to scan your documents;
  • Save recognized data in xml-format;
  • Tool is easy to navigate, has clear infographic for easy usage.

Good example of document recognition implementation is medical industry. First, each patient in clinic need to fill specific form. Then, each patient will get results of analysis on determined form, clinical research conclusion, list of prescribed medicines. Of course, nowadays, each clinic want to have all data about their patients in digital form, and still physicians are use paper blanks and forms in their work. After some years clinic will keep big folders for each patient. Our tool is good solution to gather all information about patients in clinic and sort it correctly.

Are you a drowning man in papers? Do not hesitate, contact us!

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