Performance Optimization

Every application suffers from performance degradation and eventual failure over time. It’s a gradual process that you may not even notice until it’s too late. There are many contributing factors to this and there are also many solutions. We want to help you find them.

Our skilled and experienced Edsson consultants can assess and diagnose any issues and the general state of your applications, database, and software platform and look at ways to enhance and optimize its performance. As well as improving performance, our optimizations can also boost the value of your C# and .NET applications.

We will:
  • Analyze your business applications and survey users
  • Analyze your database platform
  • Analyze your server platform and network
  • Suggest actions to improve performance
  • Prioritize these actions by business value
  • Deliver a comprehensive report outlining costs, predicted benefits and an overview plan for delivery
Implementation time: 5   Days

Other QuickValue Packages

Migrate to Cloud

Once you've got your applications running smoothly and operating to the best of their ability it's time to turn to your data centre and see if it's delivering what it should be. Cloud deployment is the future of data storage and application delivery and our cloud deployment services offer great value as well as additional functionality. Your applications may be based on an old way of thinking but we can help bring them into the 21st century.

Migrate to Web

Your applications need to behave in the right way, they need to do as they’re told! Unfortunately as time moves on, people expect and require more flexibility. With tablets, smartphones and even phablets becoming the most popular tools for access, your applications need to adapt and provide solutions for all kinds of devices. We can ensure your applications fit the bill.

Progress Modernization

For many years, Progress has been providing business with valuable technology to solve business problems. A shortage of Progress skills means that your application might have stalled. We can help you break out of the jam by identifying business value that you can unlock in a cost-effective way.

Cross-Platform Deployment Feasibility

A number of software tools like Xamarin and HTML5 tools like Iconic and React Native allow for the simple and effective creation of mobile apps. Chances are your apps are effective and do exactly what you want but are they responsive? Do they work on all platforms? With smartphones, phablets and tablets at the height of popularity you need your applications to be flexible and work in a way that any device user can enjoy. We're here to help.

Load Testing Practice

Proper load testing is integral to your software. When you develop your own applications it’s unlikely you carry out proper load testing and without doing so, your application could be at huge risk of going wrong when it comes to launch day. We’re here to give you the support you need to carry out the necessary testing.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Even in an increasingly digital world, paper-based print still plays a crucial part in communication. Especially in terms of extracting digital value from your paper records, OCR can transform your competitive edge.

Automated Recognition

With an increasingly risk averse world, businesses need to keep their guard up and ensure they have the right systems in place for protection. The real risk of lawsuits, bad publicity, social media storms and product recalls is out there but there is one way to help stave off these potential threats. Automated recognition could be your solution and we can help put it in place.