Product Development

Edsson provides all services related to the development and support of business software solutions.

Business applications

Business applications development is based on hands-on experience in vertical markets. It also includes the conversion of outdated software into modern solutions that integrate with BPM and ESB tools, Large Data, and design SOA.

Web development

Web development services imply the creation of dynamic web applications. In particular, they include development of various web-based solutions ranging from complex SaaS systems to e-commerce shops, promo websites, and marketing/social media solutions.

Mobile applications

Mobile app development services focus on native apps of varying complexity and scale, but cross-platform development is also possible. For this purpose, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Ionic can be used.

Design services

Design services vary greatly, ranging from professional branding to logo design. In particular, they are focused on building a visual identity and improving the perception of the overall website, look, and feel.

Predictive Analytics

Our experts help businesses optimize their marketing efforts, spot additional revenue drivers, and increase ROI with the aid of predictive analytics. This service helps businesses reduce time spent on ineffective activities and identify drivers of growth and tools of value instead.

AI, Machine Learning

Whether you rely on your own information or open source databases, our experts are ready to lend you a helping hand and incorporate AI & machine learning into your data & processes. This way we will make you stand out from competitors and light up a way to your business success.

Big data, Data Science

Best decisions are the ones that are data-driven. That’s why Edsson experts are ready to integrate the new generation of analytical business solutions into your processes. This way you’ll be much closer to making more predictable and efficient data-driven decisions.


Our experts take IoT projects of varying complexity and scale. We can build custom solutions for smart devices of all types, including connected sensors, advanced analytical tools, and cloud computing. We support digital transformations and are ready to make them work for the benefit of your business.

You can obtain a preliminary assessment of the terms and cost of your project.

Industry solutions

In contrast with many other software development companies, we have successfully implemented a variety of complex solutions for many customers in different industries and are ready to share our knowledge with partners or end-customers.
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