ATM forecast and optimization

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  • Web development
  • Big data, Data Science
About the project

Solution for banks to optimize ATM network servicing cost versus interest cost of the residual cash, within the constraints of service schedules contracted with cash in transit (CIT). 


Supports ATMs or other cash collecting or dispensing machines. Daily turnover is forecasted per machine per weekday per denomination, based on historical turnover data, seasonal trends and special periods like Christmas are taken into account when data is sufficient. Order content per denomination per machine is optimized so that machine lasts until the next forecasted service date with target percentage of residual cash. Fallback orders can be created also for the next service date for the case of data or service unavailability.


In production: 3 years. Place of implementations: over Europe with thousands of optimized machines.

Technologies used:
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • Entity Framework
  • DevEX
  • Microsoft SQL Server
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