Smartwatch Applications Development with UX Design

  • Business applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Design services
About the project

The new generation of cross-devices for health with a concise design. Based on the unique algorithms.

Development of applications based on unique algorithms:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Control of the general state of the body
  • The amount of oxygen in the blood
  • Sleep quality control
  • Control calories burned
  • Control the number of steps
  • Control heartbeat lability
  • Motion timer / Fitness tracker
  • and other applications
A unique device that combines fashionable smartwatches and bioresonance device.
Advanced technology without analogs in CIS countries.

LifeWatch is not limited to tracking physical data.
The system using the application is connected to the WebWelness cloud
where health information is collected from the LifeWatch device.

The device has an SOS function that helps the user to quickly connect with the subscriber
and transfer GPS coordinates.

It will signal if the user has forgotten the phone or has retired from it.
The program will help to find the phone by calling a call from a distance.
Technologies used:
  • Java
  • Android OS
  • Android
  • SQLite
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