Why Choose Ukraine for Outsourcing

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Ukraine is increasingly being recognized as one of the most attractive places in the world for companies to outsource their IT and software development needs.

Since 2003, the amount of IT outsourcing services the Ukraine has provided has increased by a factor of ten, and is estimated to have reached a value of 1.1 billion USD.

This ranks the Ukraine number one out of sixteen countries in the central Eastern European region (CEE) for the volume of IT services provided, the number of outsourcing companies in the market, and the number of IT specialists in the outsourcing industry.

At the core of the Ukraine’s software development and technological expertise, are highly certified IT professionals. The Ukraine places high importance on IT education, with 16,000 IT graduates from university each year, holding them in fourth place in the number of IT specialists following Russia, India, and the USA. However, unlike its competitors, experts recognize the Ukraine not only for it’s quantitative skills in software outsourcing, but also their qualitative competence – the literacy rate in Ukraine is almost 100% while about 70 percent of the adult population has a secondary or higher education.

Since 2007, Ukraine has joined the top 30 outsourcing destinations worldwide, based on criteria such as language, government support, political and economic environment, and data protection. It is also ranked in the top 10 global countries for the number of certified IT professionals. Combined with its geographical location, cost benefits, and deep talent pool, the Ukraine is a natural and appealing choice as an IT outsourcing partner for near-shoring companies.

Ukraine’s IT outsourcing service industry and Ukrainian outsourcing companies were recognized many times by global research organizations, national industry associations in their reports, listings, and rankings, as well as awarded in different nominations.

Here are some of the achievements that should be mentioned and acknowledge the image of Ukraine as one of the best locations for outsourcing:

  • #1 Most Certified IT professionals in Europe (#4 Worldwide).
  • 16.000 IT graduates each year.
  • Skype, Deutsche Bank, Apple, Bosch, Ebay, Dell, Microsoft and IBM are Global companies that already make use of the Ukrainian expertise in IT services.
  • 40% of Ukrainian IT professionals live in Kiev, making it the European hotspot for IT outsourcing.
  • Ukrainian Government made IT a priority industry, further improving education and creating tax relieves, giving a boost to Ukraines future growth as the global software development and outsourcing destination.
  • Ukrainian culture is closely related to Western culture. This is highly valued by companies, as IT professionals don`t only say yes and program, but also put thought in their partner`s project.
  • As the Centre of Europe, Ukraine is just a 2,5 hour flight away from the capitols of the rest of Europe.
  • Next to all these benefits: companies are saving 40% to 60% on average on their total in-house IT-spending when they outsource to Ukraine.