Meet Edsson Lab!

Edsson Lab Initiative.

Success of outsourcing providers depends of their competence level. Especially attractive for potential customers are companies that have experience in new perspective tools and technologies widely recognized by professional community as future stars in particular segments.

But how to get experience if there is no projects for those who don't have experience? This typical chicken and egg problem in Edsson can be resolved with help of employees who also are drivers in new discovery of new technologies, because their natural curiosity and personal market value.

Edsson Lab initiative is part-time facultative projects defined by Edsson employee and management. Projects for Lab selected according following principles

  • Edsson employee takes initiative to offer his time for Lab
  • Subject for research is result of agreement between employee and management
  • Lab projects are non-working hours activities, time is not billable, but in case of successful results awarded with pre-defined bonus payment
  • Technical report in English language have to be a part of results
  • Duration is 1-4 weeks, complexity not more than 40 hours