5 Tips for Effective Outsourcing of Software Development

Software development outsourcing is a wise decision regardless of your company size or industry. However, to outsource your software development right, you should keep in mind a few critical aspects.

We at Edsson decided to help you make outsourcing experience a successful one. Below find 5 tips for successful outsourcing.

1. Evaluate the technical background of developers

When you choose an outsourcing partner to cooperate with, it is crucial for you to assess the technical stack and educational background of its developers. Do some homework prior to signing a deal. You need to make sure that developers’ technical expertise fits your demand and overall project goals.

If a country offers a great number of Junior developers, it is still growing its talent muscle. East-European countries are increasingly initiating new IT programs at universities to facilitate the development of tech education. From this angle, Ukraine is a good country to entrust your development too, as it is ranked 11th among the top 50 countries with the strongest developers in the world.

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2. Consider 'price-to-quality' ratio

According to the recent research by Accelerance, outsourcing your software development to countries in Eastern Europe, South America, and South Africa will cost you less than building your product in the UK or US.

However, the perks of outsourcing don’t boil down to cost optimization alone. It is also a great way to push your current project toward innovativeness.

Since outsourcing companies often work with multiple projects, they have diverse expertise in a variety of fields. Therefore, outsourcing leaders can easily advise you on how to modernize your product, keeping its quality high.

3. Collect reviews and references

Before you make your outsourcing decision, you should check out different review platforms or ask your partners/friends for a reference.

On the flip side, be sure to take into account the most popular industry awards. Trusted vendors may not have many client reviews, but if they have industry recognition — they are a good option for you to consider. If the company of your choice has some awards, it won’t be difficult to find it among international outsourcing leaders.

4. Protect your data

If you want to eliminate the risk of data breach, fraud or manipulation, be sure to check out which security standards your trusted vendors comply with.

According to HackerRank, developers in Ukraine outperform specialists from all other countries in their ability to build the best security apps. So be sure to go for a partner that ensures strong data protection and confidentiality of information.

5. Consider the difference in time zones

Whatever outsourcing company you go for — remember that time and distance differences most often come into play. For this reason, you should choose a country with a manageable time zone difference.

If you go for outsourcing in China you will have 13-16 hours of time zone difference. But, if you outsource to Ukraine, you will have 7-10 hours of difference + 2-3 hours of working time overlap. Finding a few hours to work in sync will help you keep all processes smooth.

Over to you

Edsson is a global provider of top-notch software outsourcing services that has over 10 years of experience in the field. Being experts ourselves, we work only with A+ professionals who have a western cultural value-set.

So if you want to take your product off the ground — be sure to drop us a line. We would love to provide you with high-end outsourcing solutions to accelerate your business growth.

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