Edsson on Web Summit 2019

The fact that everyone knows today is that the market infrastructure is expanding and transforming daily, providing both the ordinary employee and the end-user with the opportunity to simplify their lives thanks to high-tech solutions. An equally well-known fact - to be on the edge of a knife is often a costly and painstaking pleasure for the sake of a temporary solution.

How has software changed in past years

 Past Future

 • Software solutions embrace vast variety of technologies and integrate them
 • Business process automation – typically forms, data and simple algorithmic backend with a database • Complex from inside and simple in use consumer focused and user-friendly, adoptable systems
 • Web sites based on CMS• Enriched with artificial intelligence
 • E-Commerce systems• Based on big data
 • Mobile applications• Build for cloud
 • Cloud-enabling existing systems• Distributed across globe in different devices, platforms

• Built-in to objects around us.

Most of software developed globally by different companies was business process automation software which consists of UI, forms which take data from user, simple algorithms on back-end, processing this data and putting it on the server. And that’s it.
Now the software solutions beginning to embrace wide variety of different subjects. So we are using now a lot of mathematics, algorithms, a lot of specific knowledge is in the base of modern software solutions, which is pretty complex in inside also becoming a very user-friendly from outside.

Market changes

 Past  Future 
 • Deliver full-featured product within a budget • Time to market – ability to move fast
 • Keep resources balanced or cover gaps and optimize cost • Access different resources faster
 • Concentrate on sales, distribution and other non-software related activities business • Agile development and continuous delivery

The software market is crowded with small, medium and large companies offering consulting, development, planning and implementation services - and this is wonderful. But faceless. The problem is the lack of a clear development methodology and focus on actions. 

Next, we look at the challenges of industry today to determine where we are and what awaits us.

Challanges of software industry

Exceed complexity of the software

• Broad expertise is required
• Software solutions embrace vast variety of Technologies and integrate them

 Achieve minimal time to market

 • Quick access to the right software development experts

 • Agile development and continuous delivery

 • Combination of permanent and ad   hoc experts

Need to keep the knowledge by building your own specific team and operate it directly

Need to focus on growing your company instead of routine recruiting and software development management


 Need to protect investments in team, IP, knowledge, processes




A+ experts

No-compromise – only best extra-ordinary experts with strong mathematics and algorithms

On-demand experts

Flexible up/downscaling with specific expertise as required, including niche experts.

Prepare for tomorrow

Staying prepared in a vast landscape of evolving technologies


Provide customers direct access to resources, including highly specific fields, without mid-level management.

Agile integrated team of colleagues 

Autonomously operating teams that develop specific product and operational knowledge.

Communication technologies

Technologies to give more insight into remote resources.

Customer alignment

Long-term business growth strategy focused on growing with customers.

Transparent resources

Direct access to database of available resources, candidates and planning.

Detailed reporting

Hourly based, with detailed activity reports.