Edsson Recruiting

First of all, we open vacancy and publish it on our site and on most popular job-seeking sites. Employees who are interested in vacancy can read full description and decide, if they want to send us their CV. 

Our HR specialist will gather all responces to our vacancy and will send test questions to the candidates. This will help us to find the best specialist for current position. HR will sepect the most relevant candidates based on their answers and will provide this information to our lead specialists and director. 

As the next step, director together with the lead specialists will select candidates to interview. The main thing, of course, is to check technical knowledge for proposed vacancy. But this is not the only one thing to know about future colleague. Live interview allow us to see if new person will fit the project? How new employee will work with our team? What new employee can propose to us, and what we can propose back?

Depending on position complexity and how many people already selected for interview, we can give our answer to new employee immediately after one interview or call for the second one. Lead specialists together with director will make a decision. If our decision is positive, we will make an offer to invterviewed person.